“This was such a great idea! Being able to hear Tom’s voice and see him smile as he talks about how he started his business – the good times and the rough years, which he overcame.”
Jenny Mansaw
“I play the video often. Whenever I need some inspiration or to hear his voice and remember how Dad would be strong in making decisions – I turn to the video. I don’t think Dad knew that his words and thoughts would be around for several generations of his future family members to learn from and enjoy.”
Tim Rand
“We recorded Mom’s video when she was at the height of her wisdom and brilliance. My grandchildren who never got to know her — but who will hear me talk about her — will be able to see how I got my personality.”
Dobbs Jordan
“We recorded the interview with Mom in Spanish and English. When Eli, her grandson, grows up and has children of his own, they will be able to see and hear how wonderful Mom was. This video is one of the greatest gifts we have given to ourselves.”
Rogelio Gazga
“The video we recorded of Dad was such a great idea! I watch it all the time. Seeing and hearing him talk about his life is such a wonderful keepsake. I hope everyone does this before their parent gets too far down the road – and forgets everything.”
James Demas, III
“I went to the nursing home to see Mama the other day; she didn’t know who I was – she’s really gone. I cried. Then I went back home and played the video we recorded two years ago, of her talking about her life… I felt so much better. It was like we still have her with us.”
John (Jay) Lundy