Robert H. Jordan, Jr., Ph.D., is leading a team of seasoned journalists to help the families of veterans protect and preserve their loved one’s precious memories while they are able to recall them. Jordan and his camera crew work quickly and compassionately to interview veterans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, other dementias or have been diagnosed with a premature terminal illness. The program is called, the Foundation for the Preservation of Family Memories, NFP, (, a 501c3.

Jordan is a journalist with over 40-years experience in writing and producing news stories for WGN Television in Chicago. His company, Jordan & Jordan Communications, Inc., has been producing documentary-style biographies for multi-generational families for the last 10-years. Jordan says he was inspired to set up the Ffpfm after his mother died from the effects of Parkinson’s Syndrome. “Luckily, I had gone home to Atlanta, years before Mom began showing signs of the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s, and interviewed her in our home, he said. Today, that video is a priceless keepsake that all of our family loves – and one day my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will see our family matriarch and cherish that video, too,” he said.

Jordan said his dream is for everyone – who has a loved one with some form of dementia – to seize the opportunity to have a professional video made so that they can keep a lasting digital video representation of that person. “We know what questions to ask – how to ask them and how to follow-up on the key elements to give our clients a beautiful heirloom – before the window closes,” he said.

Jordan said, “We have seen how thrilled the families are once we give them the thumb drive or DVD containing the interview with their loved one. Seeing them so happy makes us very pleased.”

Robert Jordan Crew